Student smoking marijuana reports himself to police

A person in Mary Markley Residence Hall contacted the Department of Public Safety early yesterday morning to request that an ambulance transport him to the emergency room at University Hospital because he thought he had smoked too much marijuana.

DPS complied with the student’s request.

Missing medical instrument found

DPS officers received an unfounded report Tuesday, when a person working at the A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center reported she believed her stethoscope had been stolen. The person later called DPS again to tell officers she had located the stethoscope in her office.

Man’s ‘unusual’ acts cause arrest

A University student calling from the Chemistry Building reported Tuesday afternoon that a man acting in an “unusual manner” had entered a room in the C.C. Little Science Building while she was studying. The man’s behavior caused the woman to leave the building, DPS reports state.

Officers were able to locate the non-University affiliated suspect, who was arrested on outstanding warrants from the Ann Arbor Police Department. DPS reports did not elaborate on what the man’s unusual behavior consisted of.

Patient’s hair pulled during fight

A caller from University Hospital requested immediate assistance from DPS officers Monday morning after one patient assaulted another patient. DPS reports state that, upon the officer’s arrival, they discovered the two patients on the floor with one patient pulling the other’s hair.

Filing cabinet raid ends in $1.59 loss

A woman working in the Taubman Health Care Center told DPS officers Monday she believed someone has been periodically ransacking a filing cabinet in her office. According to DPS reports, although the woman always locked her cabinet, she continued to return to find the cabinet unlocked and its contents misplaced.

The reports state that the woman finally contacted DPS upon discovering that a single use packet of allergy medication had been stolen from the cabinet. Officers determined that the medication’s value is $1.59.

Officers find fire after alarm sounds

DPS officers determined that a flaming wastebasket activated the South Quad Residence Hall fire alarm at 6:18 a.m. Saturday morning. Officers believe the fire, located on the seventh floor, started when hot ashes were dropped in the basket.

Catering truck takes on building – and wins

A University catering truck collided with the building adjacent to a lot at 300 Hill St. at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. According to DPS reports, the truck scraped the side of the building. The building’s copper siding was torn away, but the truck did not sustain any damage.

Person asleep in stacks escorted from grad library

Staff members at the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library informed police that a man was found sleeping in the building’s north stacks after it closed last Thursday morning. The staff members said the man had been found sleeping in the same area multiple times.

DPS officers woke the man, who was identified as a University student, and escorted him from the building.

Leather chair stolen from room

New door locks did not stop unknown suspects from stealing a black leather chair from a student’s room in East Quad Residence Hall, a University student reported to DPS. The chair, which the student believes was stolen sometime between noon and 2 p.m. Jan. 16, is valued at $70.

Unwelcome guests asked to leave

A man attending a weekend convention in Hutchins Hall informed police that there were two males at the convention who sponsors did not know. The man also told officers that one person attending the convention had seen the suspects write graffiti on the outside of the building.

DPS officers located the suspects, who were told to leave the building.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

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