Ice near Taubman Medical Library causes slip and fall

A person walking near the Taubman Medical Library on Catherine Street slipped and fell on ice Monday morning, according to Department of Public Safety reports.

According to the DPS incident log, the person remained on the ground for 10 to 20 minutes. DSP is unsure of what injuries had been sustained by the victim.

University worker forges paycheck to get $70 bonus

DPS was alerted Monday that a former University student working for the University had changed the amount of his paycheck from $8 to $80. According to DPS reports, the check was then cashed for the incorrect amount.

Air freshener, smoke from oven trigger Res Hall fire alarms

DPS officers determined a fire alarm that sounded Monday at approximately 11:20 a.m. in Mosher Jordan Residence Hall was triggered by air freshener. No other problems were found.

A separate fire alarm that sounded Monday from the Victor Vaughn House at 1111 Catherine St. was caused by something burning in the oven, staff members told police. There was no fire and nothing was damaged.

Door damaged at Michigan League over weekend

An unknown person reportedly maliciously damaged the exterior door to the Michigan League Underground sometime Saturday night, DPS reports state.

It is unknown how or why the door was damaged.

Computer equipment stolen from Art and Architecture Building

A computer monitor, keyboard and mouse were among the items reported stolen.

DPS officers also believe the perpetrator possibly forced entry into several of the victim’s cabinets.

In addition, a University-owned laptop computer in the Medical Science Unit II building on Catherine Street was reported stolen Monday morning.

Police believe the computer was stolen over the weekend from a locked room.

Despite warning, man illegally enters closed B-School

An unknown man, described as being a white, 5-foot-6 male wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, was seen trespassing in the Business Administration Building at 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Prior to his entry, the suspect was told by another person that he could not enter the closed building, DPS reports state.

Officers could not locate the man upon their arrival.

Woman may have had stroke in South Quad Dinning Hall

Persons in South Quad Residence Hall requested an ambulance Monday after believing a woman in Dining Room 2 was suffering from a stroke.

The woman was reportedly conscious and breathing at the time of the call, DPS reports state.

The woman’s current condition is unknown.

Big House pillar damaged, car may be to blame

A brick and cement pillar near Michigan Stadium was damaged sometime Saturday. DPS has no suspects but believes a vehicle caused the damage.

Reported car break-in while owner in meeting

A man who had parked his car on Thompson Street reported Monday that he believed somebody broke into his car while he was attending a meeting earlier that afternoon, between 12:50 and 4:20 p.m.

There was no reported damage done to the vehicle’s exterior. DPS has no suspects.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.

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