Officers apprehend known trespasser

Department of Public Safety officers located a trespasser at 204 State St. Wednesday.

The suspect was arrested on a warrant for trespassing.

Toothpicks stuffed in vehicle door lock

A caller reported that someone stuffed toothpicks into the driver’s side lock of her car while it was parked in the M-22 carport Monday.

Caller complains of subletter not paying

A resident of the Northwood V Housing Complex called DPS to report Wednesday a subletter would not pay his share of the rent. The errant roommate was removed from the house, according to DPS reports.

Drug found missing from medical facility

Two bottles, each containing 10 mL of Ketamine, a drug that can potenially be abused, were reported missing from the Medical Science Unit I on Catherine Street Wednesday, DPS reports state.

University vehicles sustain damage

Two University vehicles parked near Mary Markley Residence Hall were vandalized sometime Monday evening, according to DPS reports. One vehicle was defaced with black marker on the driver’s side. The front windshield of the other vehicle was shattered.

Caller reports car egging on Ann St.

A caller reported Monday that an egg was thrown at a car on Ann Street. The owner washed the egg off, and no report was filed.

Phone messages with threating tones may have been joke

A caller at the Argus Building reported two threatening phone messages last Sunday, according to DPS reports. Both messages were derogatory and threatening in nature, but both had the sound of being practical jokes. DPS had suspects based on the source of the phone numbers.

Glass in residence hall case broken

DPS reports state unknown subjects broke the glass to the fire extinguisher cabinet near room Prescott 244 in East Quad Residence Hall. The glass was broken sometime between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Saturday. DPS had no suspects.

Construction items stolen from Haven Hall, office defaced

DPS reports state an unknown person or persons broke into the contractor’s 6th floor office in Haven Hall. Graffiti was discovered in the room, and several tools had been taken from the area.

Wallet with $100 in cash reported stolen from Diag

A man reported to DPS that his black leather wallet was stolen from the Diag Wednesday. The wallet contained $100 in cash, a University staff ID card and a Michigan driver’s license.

Woman’s former roommate returns, takes part of loft

A caller in Vera Baits Residence Hall stated last Sunday her former roommate entered her room with her father. The father proceeded to cut the loft bed in half and prop her end up with a ladder.

Former boyfriend refuses to leave

A Stockwell resident called DPS to report that her ex-boyfriend would not leave her room. The caller stated the man was unarmed and was not violent, but he had entered her room without her permission a few days before. The dispatcher heard attempts to disrupt the call, and the call was disconnected. The dispatcher was able to call back.

The caller advised an ex-boyfriend was in her room last Sunday and refused to leave. The DPS dispatcher could hear attempts being made to interfere with the phone call and the call was disconnected.

The dispatcher was able to call back. The suspect was unarmed and did not used force on caller, but she stated that last Friday he also entered her room without consent.

– Compiled by Daily News Editor

Elizabeth Kassab.

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