Damage reported for thermostat in Frieze Building

According to Department of Public Safety reports, a caller reported Tuesday morning that the heating unit in the Frieze Building was damaged and it appeared to have been intentionally done by shattering the thermostat with an unknown blunt object. This was believed to have occurred sometime between Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Worker complains of injuries after falling off ladder

A man fell off a ladder at the Mason/Haven Hall construction site Tuesday morning, DPS reports state. Injuries did not appear to be life threatening, but the man complained of back, hip and shoulder injuries. Risk management and construction management were notified.

Hospital worker abused by peer

It was reported Tuesday afternoon that an employee at the University Hospital repeatedly slapped, punched and hit a co-worker, according to DPS reports.

Assault incident occurs in hospital

A man in the University Hospital Emergency Room attacked employees early yesterday after medical staff advised that he needed to be restrained, DPS reports state. There were no reported injuries.

Sweater vests in hospital stolen

An employee at the University Hospital reported Monday morning that two sweater vests were stolen from her office sometime over the weekend, according to DPS reports.

Lock removed from cabinet in hospital

An employee at the University Hospital returned to work Monday afternoon and found that a cabinet with medical supplies had the lock removed overnight, DPS reports state. $200 worth of damage was done.

Jacket snatched from League

A man’s jacket was taken Monday night from the third floor coat rack of the Michigan League sometime between 8 and 9 p.m., according to DPS reports. The jacket was a gray Banana Republic fleece valued at $60.

Hairdryer possibly set off Law Quad fire alarm

A fire alarm went off in the Law Quad Tuesday afternoon, DPS reports state. DPS officers were advised that someone’s hairdryer set the alarm.

Woman’s wallet taken from library

According to DPS reports, a person reported Tuesday afternoon that her wallet was stolen from a cubicle on the fifth floor of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, when she left it unattended between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. the previous day.

Suspect writes hate graffiti in bathroom

Hate messages were found written on a bathroom stall of Mary Markley Residence Hall Monday afternoon, DPS reports state.

M-Card, watch stolen from CCRB

A man told DPS officers Monday afternoon that his watch and MCard were stolen from the weight room of the Central Campus Recreation Building last week, according to DPS reports.

Car strikes four parked vehicles in lot on Church

A vehicle struck four parked vehicles in the Church Street Parking lot Monday afternoon, DPS reports state. There were no injuries.

Bike snatched outside of Lloyd in broad daylight

A caller told DPS officers Monday night that her bike was stolen from outside of Alice Lloyd Residence Hall during the day, according to DPS reports.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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