Subject sets fire to toilet paper

An unknown person set small fires in a restroom at Towsley
Center at 1515 Hospital Dr. on Monday afternoon, according to DPS
state. The fires were reported by the building’s housekeeping
service. Rolls of toilet paper appeared to be the fuel used. DPS
does not have any suspects. (Sept. 8, 2000)

Unwanted man masturbates in Markley dorm room

A male subject allegedly entered the Frost House room of a
female resident of the Mary Markley Residence Hall without
permission and masturbated in front of her Thursday afternoon,
Department of Public Safety reports state. The suspect was
described as a white male, with blond hair and a beard, wearing
glasses, a hunter green shirt and shorts. DPS has not reported
having any suspects in the incident.

The subject in the incident was alleged to be the same man who
was seen masturbating in the Mary Markley Residence Hall. (Sept.
19, 2000)

Man runs, screams through Bursley

An unidentified man ran screaming through hallways in Bursley
Residence Hall early yesterday morning, according to DPS

The man also caused minor property damage and attempted to flee
when officers arrived at the scene. The man was subdued and because
he appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he was
taken to University Hospital’s emergency room for evaluation.
(Oct. 27, 2000)

Rubber figurines reported stolen

Three rubber figurines were reported stolen Wednesday morning
from an office in the Clinical Delivery building on South State
Street, DPS reports state. An incident report was filed but DPS did
not report having any suspects in the incident. (Nov. 3, 2000)

Suspicious package turns out to be hangers

There was a suspicious package at City Hall Friday night, DPS
reports state. The owner requested K9 assistance. DPS officers
opened the package and found five plastic hangers. The owner
remembered that he had mailed himself the hangers. (Sept. 3,

Officers arrest dancing man

DPS officers on Friday morning arrested an 18-year-old man
wanted on a bench warrant from the Ann Arbor Police Department. The
man was found dancing on steps near a parking lot on Observatory
Street known as Old Main Hospital at 5:11 a.m. DPS officers would
not give the reason behind the man’s bench warrant. (Sept. 4,

Egg-throwing incident prompts call to DPS

DPS records show a caller from the Diag reported being assaulted
by subjects throwing eggs at midnight on Saturday. Officers checked
the area but found no suspects. (Oct. 20, 2003)

Vendor tells competitor to stay off his turf

Department of Public Safety reports state that a T-shirt vendor
threatened to physically abuse a competing T-shirt vendor if he saw
him selling T-shirts at the football game on Saturday.

The verbal assault took place on the 500 block of State Street
Monday at 4:22 p.m. (Oct. 23, 2003)

Student crawling in lab ceiling damages tiles

A 40-year-old male student was arrested Friday morning in the
Space Research laboratory. The man damaged some ceiling tiles while
crawling around in the ceiling area, where he was not supposed to
be. DPS arrested and released him pending warrants. (Oct. 27,

Halloween costume fools police officer

According to DPS records, a police officer noticed a male
carrying what appeared to be a handgun Friday night at the Nu Sigma
Nu fraternity house.

The gun turned out to be a replica and was part of the
man’s Halloween costume — he was dressed as a cowboy.
The man was not issued a citation. (Nov. 3, 2003)


—Compiled from Daily staff reports

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