Assault in Church Street parking lot lands victim in

Department of Public Safety crime logs show a caller reported
that he was assaulted by several men varying in height from five to
six feet tall early Saturday morning. The assault occurred off
campus on the third floor of the Church Street parking structure.
The suspects fled the scene and the case is currently under
investigation. The victim was taken to the University
Hospital’s emergency room for facial injuries.

According to DPS, such assaults usually occur after people leave
the bars and arcade on South University Avenue and return to their
cars. Generally, these assaults do not involve college

Assault victim’s friends fight with suspected

A man in Alice Lloyd Residence Hall reported to DPS that he was
assaulted early Friday morning. As the victim was being treated for
injuries, his friends located and assaulted the suspected attacker.
Pepper spray was used to break up the fighting and the suspect was
taken into custody. Everyone else involved fled the scene and the
case is under investigation.

Student arrested for possession, intent to sell drugs

A student in Alice Lloyd residence hall was arrested on Friday
morning for violating the controlled substances act, according to
DPS reports. The student was found in possession of narcotics with
the intent to sell. He was later released from custody because the
substance needs to be tested to determine whether it is a

Woman in Betsey Barbour arrested on warrants

DPS crime reports show that on Saturday afternoon, a woman who
was not affiliated with the University was taken into custody
because she had misdemeanor warrants out for her arrest. She was
found in the basement of Betsey Barbour Residence Hall and was
later turned over to the Ypsilanti City Police.

Tools stolen from Taubman Library

On Saturday afternoon, it was reported to DPS that a tool belt
and various construction tools were stolen from the Taubman Medical
Library. The value of the stolen property is currently unknown and
there are no suspects.

Paintball supplies vendor forced to leave Diag

DPS crime reports show that on Thursday morning, a person had
set up a table on the Diag and was selling paintball supplies. A
DPS officer directed the vendor to pack up his supplies and move
off of the Diag. Also Thursday morning, a person on the Diag was
found with a paintball gun, according to DPS crime reports. The
individual was warned not to trespass and was advised to leave the

BB gun may have hit Markley window

A caller in Mary Markley Residence Hall reported to DPS on
Thursday night that someone might have shot his window with a BB
gun sometime during the last few days. It is undetermined whether a
BB gun caused the damage and there are no suspects.

Trash cans believed to be thrown from Mo-Jo bathroom

DPS crime logs show that a caller reported hearing two loud
bangs outside his window in Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall early
Saturday morning.

The caller said that when he investigated the noises, he found
two garbage cans on the ground outside. He added that when he went
up to the fourth floor men’s bathroom, he saw that the window
screens were ripped off, the windows were open and the trash cans
were missing.

Man yelling out obscenities warned not to trespass

It was reported to DPS on Friday afternoon that a man was
shouting obscenities on the 500 block of East University Avenue.
The man, who was not affiliated with the University, was warned not
to trespass on campus property and was escorted away from the


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj

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