$300 cell phone taken in League

According to Department of Public Safety Reports, a suspect
stole a cellular phone from a faculty member at the Michigan League
Sunday afternoon. The suspect was described as an 18- to
20-year-old black male with a light complexion and short hair,
carrying a dark blue or black backpack and wearing a yellow jacket
with red, white and blue diagonals across the back.

The phone, valued at $300, was taken from the second-floor coat
rack of the League. DPS was not able to locate the suspect, despite
a search.

Car CD player stolen at Church St. carport

A student reported to DPS Sunday that her vehicle, parked in the
Church Street carport, was broken into, and the radio and CD player
unit was taken from the car. The vehicle was located on the lower
level at the time of the theft. DPS has no suspects in the

Generators still missing after summer blackout

The University’s Outside Lighting department reported to
DPS that two generators, loaned to two separate University
departments, have still not been returned after being used during
the blackout in August 2003.

Each generator is valued at $2,000, but DPS does not know if
they were stolen, and has no information on the current location of
the equipment.

CCRB computer missing from business office

Staff of the Central Campus Recreation Building reported that a
laptop was stolen from the main business office sometime Monday
between 5 and 7 p.m.

DPS does not have an estimated value for the laptop, but it is
described as an Inspiron 8000 model, and black in color. There are
no suspects in the incident.

Napper escorted from Angell Hall

Angell Hall staff reported Tuesday to DPS that a person
unaffiliated with the University was sleeping in the hallway near
the Campus Computing site, also known as the Fishbowl.

DPS arrived and gave the person a verbal warning, and escorted
them from the building. The suspect did not cause any damage.

Trotter House card swipe stolen

DPS reports from Monday morning indicate a security card swipe
was taken from outside of the William Monroe Trotter House. There
is no value known for the device, and DPS has no suspects in the

Wallet taken in Kresge building

A wallet was taken from the purse of a University staff member
in the Kresge Medical Research Building, according to DPS reports
from early yesterday morning. The wallet was removed from a locked
office in the building, and there is no value known. DPS has no
suspects in the incident.

Tractor sustains damage near Elbel field

University staff reported to DPS Monday that a John Deere
tractor, located on South Campus near Elbel field, was damaged by
an unknown suspec Saturday. The tractor sustained damage to its
mirror and tail light, but DPS has no final estimate on the value
of the tractor.

‘U’ affiliate caught with fake parking

DPS reports show that a person affiliated with the University
was discovered possessing a fake parking permit. Because the
subject has not received a fine yet, DPS could not release the type
of permit that was forged by the suspect. The penalty for a fake
permit includes a fine.


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley

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