Smoke rises from stacks in Hatcher

Three people were escorted out of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library Wednesday night after staff reported that they were smoking in the library, according to the Department of Public Safety. None of them had any affiliation with the University.

Palm pilot, money stolen out of dropped wallet

A person reported yesterday that he thought he dropped his wallet, containing his palm pilot and money, on the floor in Pierpont Commons on Jan. 14, DPS reports state.

When it was turned over to DPS, the money and palm pilot were missing. DPS has no suspects.

Food thief caught in South Quad

A person obtained food from the South Quad Residence Hall cafeteria Monday afternoon without paying for it, DPS reports state.

DPS responded and identified the person. The person was read the trespassing policy and escorted out of the building.

Business robbed, computers stolen

An unknown person smashed a window of a business on Green Road Monday morning and stole two computers, according to DPS reports. Two L-shaped fence poles were used to break the window. The computers were valued at $1,400 each. The case is under investigation.

Markley water fountain broken

An unknown person broke a water fountain in the 5300 corridor of Mary Markley Hall early Tuesday, according to DPS reports. DPS has no suspects.

Money reported missing from MFIT desk

A worker at the MFIT building on Industrial Road called DPS Wednesday morning, according to DPS reports. She stated there was $160 in her desk on Jan. 30, which is now missing.

Vomiting West Quad resident taken to hospital

A West Quad resident reported that his roommate was very sick and needed an ambulance Tuesday night, according to DPS reports.

The caller said that his roommate had been vomiting and disoriented. Huron Valley Ambulance responded and transported the male to the University Hospital.

Graffiti reported inside Couzens

A Housing Security officer assigned to Couzens Residence Hall found graffiti in the 2400 corridor of Couzens Wednesday night, according to DPS reports.

Bag snatched from vehicle in Medical Center

A caller reported that he left his vehicle unlocked in the East Medical Center Carport Wednesday morning, DPS reports state. During the time it was parked, a gym bag was stolen from inside. DPS has no suspects.

Residents allow apartment to fill with smoke

A pot was left on a stove in an apartment in the Northwood V area Tuesday morning, DPS reports state. The pot caused the apartment to fill with smoke and a maintenance worker called 911. DPS responded and provided assistance.

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