Harassing activity rampant in Couzens

A male opened the shower curtain of a female resident of Couzens Residence Hall, Department of Public Safety reports state. The suspect was seen by several people. Also, a resident of Couzens reported that someone had drawn a swastika and written a racial slur on his door. DPS has no suspects for the graffiti.

Wallets stolen from a number of campus locations

Nine people reported stolen wallets in the past week, according to DPS reports. All were left unattended. Wallets were stolen from a backpack in Angel Hall, a South Quad Residence Hall men”s room, the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, the reading room of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, the Kresge Library, the Coliseum Building and the School of Dentistry.

Student assaults a Dental School professor

A student assaulted a professor at the Dental School after the student was told he might be expelled, DPS reports state. The professor was not hurt.

Vacuums stolen from intramural sports building

Two vacuums were stolen from a closet in the Intramural Sports Building, according to DPS reports. DPS has no suspects.

Windshield broke from piece of ice

A car parked in a University lot was damaged when someone threw a piece of ice the size of a basketball through the back window, DPS reports state. DPS has no suspects.

Fire in Northwood Housing started by two children

Two children started a fire in Northwood V on North Campus, according to DPS reports. The Ann Arbor Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. DPS took the children home.

Disturbance in South Quad leads to MIP citation

Two people were reported running through South Quad knocking on doors and yelling, DPS reports state. They were arrested for minor in possession.

Microwave starts fire in Alice Lloyd

A caller reported to DPS that a microwave in Alice Lloyd had caught fire. DPS instructed the caller to pull the fire alarm and use a fire extinguisher on the microwave. A DPS officer responded and put out the fire.

Firecracker found in Couzens Hall

A DPS officer found a firecracker in the stairwell in Couzens residence hall, DPS reports state. The firecracker was taken as evidence.

Vehicle keyed after parking dispute

A car was keyed in a University parking lot, DPS reports state. The owner of the car had previously engaged in an argument over the parking space.

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Rob Goodspeed.

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