Unknown male enters female”s room, gets in bed

A male with no University affiliation entered a woman”s room in West Quad Residence Hall Saturday morning and got into the same bed as her, according to the Department of Public Safety. The woman confronted him and awakened her roommates, while the man fled from the room. Officers arrested him on Thompson near Madison. The victim was not assaulted and no property was stolen.

Fight over curtains wakes roommate

A civil dispute occurred Sunday in the Northwood V family housing area, DPS reports state. Two residents were arguing about the curtains being open while one person slept.

Female sexually harrassed, stalked

A female was harassed in West Quad Residence Hall early yesterday, according to DPS reports. A male resident was reportedly following the student and making sexual statements. The case was currently under investigation by DPS.

Bench snatched in residence hall

A caller in East Quad Residence Hall said a bench was stolen from the lobby Friday afternoon, DPS reports state. DPS had no suspects.

Fire alarms, wires ripped from walls

An unknown person pulled a metal conduit off of the wall Friday afternoon in East Quad, according to DPS reports. The person also yanked wires and pulled fire alarm boxes out of the wall. DPS had no suspects.

Suspects activate emergency phones on East University

Unknown persons were activating the emergency phones on East University early Saturday, DPS reports state. Officers located them and they fled the area. One student was caught near Mary Markley Residence Hall and was issued a minor in possession of alcohol charge.

Laundry load leaves in the wrong hands

A load of laundry was taken from the laundry room in West Quad Residence Hall Thursday afternoon, according to DPS reports. DPS had no suspects.

Hospital worker”s shoes ruined in escalator mishap

A University Hospital staff member reported Thursday that her shoes were damaged by one of the escalators last Sunday, DPS reports state. The shoes were destroyed, but she was not injured.

Bathroom stall ripped from wall

A caller reported damage to a bathroom stall in West Quad Thursday afternoon, according to DPS Reports. The stall had been pulled from the wall.

Student injures knee while playing in residence hall

A student suffered a knee injury while playing in East Quad yesterday, DPS reports state. The person called for assistance and DPS was sent to escort the subject to the University Hospital”s emergency room

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter

Jeremy Berkowitz.

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