Syrup, cornflakes, feathers cover East Quad bathroom

A caller reported to DPS on Thursday morning that someone put
syrup, cornflakes and feathers all over one of the bathrooms in
East Quad Residence Hall.

There was no damage done to the bathrooms, and facilities staff
members were requested to clean the mess.

E-mail threat made at DPS Headquarters

A caller reported to the Department of Public Safety on Saturday
afternoon that a threat was made against him via e-mail. The caller
worked at the front desk of the DPS headquarters. DPS has a suspect
in the case.

Dispute over parking space ends in altercation

DPS crime reports show that on Saturday afternoon, an officer
reported to a parking lot on the 300 block of Hoover Street in
response to a physical dispute at that location. The minor
altercation resulted from a disagreement over a parking space.
There were no injuries.

Heated basketball game ends in one man’s arrest

DPS officers arrested a man for non-aggravated assault at the
Central Campus Recreation Building Friday evening after the man
punched another person while playing basketball, resulting in minor
injuries for the victim.

Drunken man attempts to enter East Quad

DPS officers arrested a man who was found intoxicated and in
possession of stolen property Saturday morning. The man was located
on East University Avenue attempting to enter East Quad Residence
Hall. Officers later discovered the man was in possession of a
wallet that had been reported stolen to the Ann Arbor Police

Acid leak causes property damage in C.C. Little

According to DPS crime reports, small amounts of several
different acidic chemicals leaked from a waste containment bucket
in the C.C. Little Science Building on Wednesday afternoon. Police
reports said the leakage presented no health risks, though a minor
amount of property damage occurred. The Department of Occupational
Safety and Environmental Health was contacted to clean the chemical

Highly intoxicated man found laying on bench

DPS officers observed a man laying on a bench outside of the
C.C. Little Science Building early Sunday morning. The highly
intoxicated man received a minor-in-possession citation and was
transported to the University Hospital’s emergency room.

Smoke alarm set off by hair-styling equipment

According to DPS crime logs from Saturday afternoon, a smoke
detector went off in Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall. Officers
determined the alarm had been set off by a curling iron. The alarm
was re-set and there were no further problems.

$3,000 worth of bathroom supplies stolen

DPS crime reports from Friday afternoon show that about $3,000
worth of bathroom supplies were taken from a storage room near the
loading dock at the School of Social Work Building.

The stolen supplies included paper towels, toilet paper and
garbage bags. The theft occurred between April 2 and April 7 and
there are currently no suspects.


—Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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