Man needs more than directions

A woman reported that she saw a man masturbating in his car early yesterday, according to Department of Public Safety reports. The woman stated that she was approached by the man, who was driving a small light blue car and asking for directions. After seeing the man, the woman went to the Union and called DPS.

Nigerian e-mail thought to be a money scam

The LSA Building received a strange e-mail message Wednesday morning from Nigeria, DPS reports state. The e-mail was promoting a money-making venture believed to be fraudulent.

Money reported missing almost two months later

It was reported Tuesday morning that $65 was stolen from a desk in East Hall, according to DPS reports. The incident occurred between Nov. 29 and Dec. 6 of last year.

Bench stolen from Arboretum

An unknown person stole a memorial bench from the Geddes entrance of Nichols Arboretum Tuesday morning, DPS reports state. A second bench was also found damaged.

Husband arrested after hitting wife

A man was arrested for assaulting his wife at the University Hospitals emergency room early Wednesday, according to DPS reports.

The man had struck his wife in the face while arguing about their pending divorce. DPS responded and arrested the man for assault, parole violation and violation of court orders.

Trespassing man escorted out of graduate library

A person was found trespassing on the second floor of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library Monday afternoon, DPS reports state. The person was informed of the trespassing policy and escorted out of the building.

Student pushed at demonstration

A University student was pushed off the steps of East Hall Monday afternoon at an affirmative action demonstration, according to DPS reports. He was not injured.

Man falls in right place injuries promptly treated

A man stated that he slipped and fell by the front desk of the main entrance of the University Hospitals Monday night, DPS reports state. He had minor injuries.

Male suffers from morning sickness

A person called DPS and said a male resident of Alice Lloyd Residence Hall was dizzy and throwing up Tuesday morning, DPS reports state. The caller indicated that the male was conscious and alert. Ann Arbor Fire Department and Huron Valley Ambulance were contacted.

Clocks stolen at the Media Union

Staff at the Media Union reported the theft of six clocks early Wednesday morning, according to DPS reports. The clocks were taken from six separate interview rooms at the Media Union sometime over the weekend, and are valued at $30 each.

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