Wayward car goes into median

A person drove a vehicle into the traffic island on the east side of the Forest Avenue parking structure early Friday morning, reported the Department of Public Safety. There was no property damage, but the vehicle had to be towed.

Ex-boyfriend hits current boyfriend

A South Quad Residence Hallresident reported that her ex-boyfriend entered her room through an open door and punched her current boyfriend in the face at 10:15 p.m. Thursday and then left the area, according to DPS reports. The report was made 15 minutes after the incident, and the suspect was not located in the area. The victim did not require any medical attention.

Person arrested for attempting to use stolen checks

A person entered the University Credit Union at Pierpont Commons Friday afternoon and attempted to pass several hundred dollars worth of stolen checks, according to DPS reports. The suspect was arrested prior to leaving the area.

Damage reported to phone at Union

A telephone was damaged at the loading dock of the Michigan Union, DPS reports state. The telephone was damaged from normal usage.

Panhandler gets aggressive when visiting patient

An aggressive panhandler entered the hospital early Sunday morning, according to DPS reports. The subject was located and turned out to be a visitor of a patient.

Man gets death threat during basketball game

A man at the Central Campus Recreation Building claimed that a man threatened to kill him if he bumped into him again while they were playing basketball Saturday afternoon, DPS reports state. When the caller turned his back to the subject, the man hit him in the back of the head. Both the victim and the suspect were interviewed.

Resident smells smoke in building

A resident of the Northwood Apartments called to report the smell of smoke and that a neighbor”s smoke detector was going off Saturday night, according to DPS reports. The neighbors had left food on the oven when they left. There was no damage.

Patient attacks hospital workers

Staff members at the University Hospitals were assaulted by a patient early Sunday morning, DPS reports state. The patient was being treated for alcohol and drug problems. There were no injuries.

Solicitors invade South Quad

A South Quad resident called and complained that there were solicitors going door to door in the building Friday afternoon, DPS reports state. The solicitors were apprehended, informed of the trespassing policy and escorted out of the building.

Markley resident hospitalized after drinking Friday

Four residents of Mary Markley Residence Hall were cited for possession of alcohol Friday night, DPS reports state. One resident was transported to the University Hospitals emergency room because of a high blood-alcohol level.

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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