Many larcenies reported during winter break

Both the Art and Architecture Building and Institute of Social Research were targets of burglars during the holiday break, according to Department of Public Safety reports.

In addition, some students returned to the residence halls to find that their rooms had been burglarized.

“Most of the people perpetrating these crimes are between the ages of 15 and 25,” DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said. “In most cases they are not affiliated with the University.”

However, in most cases suspects of the building thefts were identified and pursued as a result of employees remaining alert to their surroundings.

“Since people are calling DPS promptly and that”s making it easier to locate suspects,” Brown said.

Reports of larcenies on campus during the winter break made to DPS include:

Audio tapes, employee”s purse stolen from ISR

Two men stole a female employee”s purse and 20 audio tapes Wednesday morning from the Institute of Social Research. Police recovered the purse and audio tapes and traced the footprints of one suspect who was spotted near the Student Activities Building. The 24-year-old man had an outstanding warrant and was arrested.

The other suspect was unable to be identified.

Office burglary attempt foiled by employees

Two men trying to remove office equipment from the Institute of Social Research last Tuesday were interrupted by an employee who was alerted by the noises. The men had removed bolts from a door hinge to enter the office.

DPS put out a description of the suspects with local law enforcement and Ann Arbor Police officers assisted in finding the suspects. One man was located near West Hall and the other man was found at the corner of East William and South State streets. DPS questioned the 18- and 22-year-old suspects, who were released pending warrant authorization.

DVD, Nintendo stolen from West Quad room

A West Quad resident told police Sunday afternoon that his room was open when he returned from Christmas break. The student said his DVD player, Nintendo, money and a tool box were taken from his room.

DPS had no suspects.

Items taken from Art and Architecture Bldg.

While investigating a larceny from desks in the Art and Architecture Building last Wednesday, campus police found several other items stolen. Several hundred dollars worth of pastel pencils had been stolen from a desk. Two graphic cards were taken out from computers.

An Art and Architecture employee said he had a CD player and several CDs taken from the open third-floor studio.

Police believe most of the items were taken during break.

“Stolen” vehicle moved by friend

A University Hospitals staff member reported her vehicle stolen Wednesday afternoon from a parking garage on Catherine Street. Police discovered the vehicle had been moved to the opposite side of the hospital by a former employee who had obtained her keys. The suspect was identified as an person involved in a former relationship with the victim who had called her to tell her where the vehicle was.

DPS was conducting an investigation.

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jacquelyn Nixon.

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