Soda can, planner taken in theft

An unattended backpack was stolen from the Thomas Francis Jr. Public Health Building Wednesday afternoon, according to Department of Public Safety reports. The backpack contained a can of soda and a day planner.

DPS had no suspects.

Collectable dolls stolen from office

A female Taubman Health Care employee said her collector dolls were stolen from her office Wednesday, according to DPS reports. The 8-inch Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes bobblehead dolls, miniature figures of the legendary Big Ten coaches, were taken in the theft.

She had purchased the dolls for $20 each.

Napkins, tablecloth stolen again

Business Administration building employees reported that another tablecloth and several napkins were stolen Wednesday afternoon, DPS reports state. Similar items had been reported stolen last week.

Paper towel roll catches fire

A person called DPS and said a paper towel roll was smoldering and creating smoke Monday night in the Furstenburg Student Study area in the Medical Science Building, DPS reports state. Police instructed the person to submerge the roll in water. There were no injuries or damages.

Skateboarders in Kresge Plaza “give attitude”

A person told police skateboarders had been causing problems in Kresge Business Plaza Wednesday evening, according to DPS reports. The skateboarders had been an ongoing problem, “giving attitude” to passers-by.

Police were unable to locate the suspected skateboarders.

Tip jar stolen suspect flees

An employee at a business in North Campus Commons said their tip jar was stolen from the counter at 7 p.m. Tuesday, DPS reports state. The jar contained about $11.

Employees had been approached twice by a suspicious man asking for a free food sample and they had given in to his demands. Once he was given some food, he left the area. The man, a black male in his early 30s was wearing a Michigan winter cap, jacket and smelled like alcohol.

DPS did not locate the suspect.

Man wields knife, yells near Arb

Police found a white man yelling while wielding a small knife in his right hand at the Geddes Avenue entrance of Nichols Arboretum Wednesday afternoon, DPS reports state. Police removed the man from the Arb.

Street lights hit with sling shot

Two people shot out street lights with a sling shot while walking along the sidewalk near the Michigan Union, DPS reports state. Police confronted the suspects.

Bursley elevator vandalized

Several people threw trash and broke eggs inside a Bursley Residence Hall elevator Tuesday afternoon, forcing maintenance to put it out of service, according to DPS reports.

The elevator, located on the Van Duran and Lewis side, was cleaned and put back in service.

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jacquelyn Nixon.

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