Three Lloyd residents involved in altercation

Department of Public Safety reports from Tuesday indicate a
fight occurred between a resident, his girlfriend and his roommate.
At one point during the fight, the resident’s roommate had a
knife, and deliberately cut himself on the arm, but only suffered
minor injury. Limited details about the incident are available, as
it is currently being investigated by DPS.

EMU student involved in alleged sexual assault

The Ann Arbor News reported yesterday that an Eastern Michigan
University student told the University’s police that she was
raped Sunday. The woman said she knew the suspect, who called her
Sunday and requested to come visit her, and forced her to have sex
with him. The assault reportedly occurred in in the woman’s
dorm room in EMU’s Goddard Hall.

After the incident, the woman was transported to the University
of Michigan Hospital where doctors collected evidence, but she had
reportedly showered before arriving at the hospital. EMU police are
continuing an investigation into the identity of the man.

Chemical spill damages $2,000 worth of equipment

A student reported to DPS on Monday that equipment in the
Medical Science building was accidentally damaged when an unknown
solution was spilled onto it. The equipment, a PH meter, is valued
at about $2,000.

Laptop stolen from Duderstadt Center study room

A silver Sony laptop computer was reported stolen to DPS on
Tuesday from the James and Anne Duderstadt Center, formerly called
the Media Union. The caller reported that the laptop, valued at
$1,200, was taken from second floor study room 7 after it was left
unattended. The caller also believes the theft occurred between
12:30 and 1 p.m., but DPS has no witnesses or suspects in the

Soccer players collide; one sent to hospital

Sports Coliseum staff reported to DPS that two soccer players
hit heads while playing a game Tuesday. One subject, a University
student, bled from a wound on the head, but was still conscious and
breathing and was transported to the University Hospital. According
to DPS reports, neither of the victims suffered a life-threatening

Toilet torn off wall of Executive Residence

Staff of the Business School Executive Residence reported to DPS
Sunday that a toilet was torn off a wall in a handicap stall of the
restroom. The water line was turned off to the restroom after the
toilet was removed. There are no suspects in the incident.

Palm Pilot stolen from TCF building

DPS reports from Tuesday indicate that a University-owned Palm
Pilot was stolen from the TCF Bank Building on Liberty Street. The
device was signed for on March 15, and is believed to have been
stolen between that date and Tuesday. The incident was reported by
staff, and the Palm Pilot is valued at $350.

Laundry thief strikes Lloyd Hall

A student reported to DPS that their laundry was stolen from
Alice Lloyd Residence Hall sometime between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on
Sunday evening. DPS has no suspects in the incident, and there is
no value estimate for the laundry.

Markley resident trapped inside dorm

DPS reports indicate damage was done to a Mary Markley Residence
Hall room lock when a resident was stuck inside his dorm. The
resident was having difficulty with the locking mechanism on his
door, and someone came to assist him. DPS has no estimate on the
amount of damage done to the door.


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley

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