Student assaulted while walking across Diag

DPS reports from Friday indicate that while four students were
walking in the Diag, a man assaulted one of them. After the
assault, the man fled toward State and William streets, where DPS
units arrested him. Huron Valley Ambulance arrived at the scene,
but the victim did not sustain any injuries, nor was anything
stolen from the victim. The suspect was not affiliated with the

Toilet destroyed at Hill Auditorium

A caller reported to DPS yesterday that someone damaged a toilet
in one of the Hill Auditorium bathrooms. The suspect kicked over
and broke marble slabs separating toilets, one of which fell onto a
toilet. There is no value estimate for the toilet and slabs.

Daughter steals prescription drugs from mother

University Hospital security reported to DPS Saturday that a
woman stole prescription drugs from her mother’s purse at the
Maternal and Child Health Center. DPS could not release information
about the stolen drugs. Neither woman is affiliated with the
University, but the mother is a hospital patient.

$3,500 charged on stolen cards

DPS reports from yesterday indicate a caller reported leaving
her credit card at an ATM machine in the Michigan Union. Later, her
credit card company notified her that $3,500 had been used on the

Victim receives harassing e-mails

A person reported to DPS yesterday that they received several
harassing e-mails. The victim knew the person who sent the
messages, who is now considered a suspect in the incident.

Suspects steal paintings from Markley lobby

Staff of Mary Markley Residence Hall reported to DPS Thursday
that two paintings were stolen from the hall’s south lobby
area. DPS currently has no suspects in the incident, but each
painting is valued at about $250.

Driver arrested for operating while intoxicated

A driver, unaffiliated with the University, was arrested by DPS
for operating while intoxicated, a new term from the state in which
a person does not have full capacity to operate a vehicle. A
prosecutor determines if the driver is intoxicated based on a blood
alcohol content test, if the level is above .02. A first offense
can result in three to nine days in jail, and a judge can determine
other penalties, such as revoking a license.

Snow remover stolen from unlocked shed

DPS reports from Friday indicate that a snow blower was stolen
from an unlocked wooden shed on Thompson Street. The caller who
reported the incident did not list a value for the machine.

Student reports staffers possibly flashing people

A student reported to DPS Saturday that two staff members were
collecting cans from West Quad Residence Hall and being very loud.
The caller also reported that the staff members allegedly flashed
other people in the area. The suspects did not appear to be
intoxicated, but DPS is still investigating the incident.

Wallet with credit cards stolen from Business

A caller reported to DPS that his wallet was stolen from the
Business Administration building sometime Tuesday. He believed the
wallet was stolen from a computer lab inside the building, and his
credit cards were also used after the theft.


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley Dinges

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