Possible sexual assault occurs at fraternity house

According to the Department of Public Safety, a possible sexual
assault was reported early Saturday morning at the University
Hospital’s emergency room. The assault happened at a
fraternity house. It is unknown whether the fraternity was on
campus. The Ann Arbor Police Department was notified about the
incident and the assault is currently under investigation.

Suspicious man follows woman around Dennison

DPS reports show that early Friday morning, a caller reported
that she was being followed by a suspicious man in the area around
the Dennison and C.C. Little buildings. DPS investigated and found
the man to be a minor in possession of alcohol and arrested him.
The man was not affiliated with the University.

Student arrested after shooting people with BB gun

DPS reports show that a person was arrested for using a BB gun
to shoot passers-by on East Madison Street from a dorm room in West
Quad Residence Hall early yesterday morning. Two other people were
arrested for MIP citations. The three people were taken to Kipke
Campus Safety Services building and later released. There were no
life-threatening injuries and the charge is currently undetermined
though according to DPS it will probably be a felonious assault

Trespasser arrested for warrant

A man was arrested in South Quad Residence Hall early Saturday
morning, according to DPS crime reports. The man was wanted on a
warrant for a suspended license. He was disorderly and trespassing
in South Quad, police said.

Money stolen from safe and register in Tim

According to DPS crime logs on Friday, a caller reported that
$332 was stolen from a safe and a cash register in the Tim
Horton’s in the Michigan League. There were no signs of
forced entry or of any other problems in the area. The theft
occurred sometime Wednesday, though it was noticed on Thursday. DPS
has a suspect and is investigating the case.

Medical drug pack stolen from health center

DPS crime reports show that a drug pack was stolen from the
Taubman Health Care Center Friday night. Drug packs contain
syringes and medication for nurses to use in emergency situations.
The stolen pack was recovered under a bench in a corridor of the
health care center, though the seal had been broken and several
medications and a syringe were stolen. There are no suspects and
DPS is investigating the case.

Man escorted out of Mosher-Jordan for soliciting

A caller reported to DPS on Thursday afternoon that an unknown
man in Mosher–Jordan Residence Hall was soliciting money for
his church. The man was located and escorted out of the residence
hall and no reports were filed.

Fire alarm cages damaged in East Quad hall

DPS crime reports on Thursday show that in the past week, the
cages that protect fire alarms in East Quad Residence Hall have
repeatedly been hit and damaged. DPS is investigating the case.

Skateboarders warned not to grind on ‘U’

DPS crime logs on Saturday show that skateboarders were found
skating outside the Regents Plaza. DPS officers warned them not to
skate or grind on University property.

Thief helps self to digital camera left unattended

A caller reported to DPS on Thursday afternoon that her digital
camera was stolen from her backpack while it was left unattended.
There are no suspects and DPS is investigating the case.

— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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