Domestic dispute ends with incarceration

A domestic dispute between a couple ended with one of the
parties being jailed Thursday night according to DPS crime reports.
The assault occurred near Coman House of Vera Baits II. One of the
two parties had an outstanding arrest warrant in Detroit and was
lodged in county jail.

Trespasser found jumping on tables in Michigan League

The Department of Public Safety reports that Michigan League
staffers found a person jumping on tables Friday morning. Police
officers arrived at the scene and arrested the individual for

Suspects attack vehicle with beer bottle projectile

A caller reported to DPS early yesterday morning that several
people ran out of Mary Markley Residence Hall and damaged her car.
One person threw a beer bottle that hit the car. Police officers
arrived at the scene and located the suspects. No arrests were made
but the suspects were questioned before being released.

Man urinates in carport, flees police

A man was found urinating in the carport on 700 Monroe St.,
according to Thursday’s DPS. The man ran from a police
officer but was stopped after a short foot chase. He was later
given a citation for urinating in public and a minor in possession

Flood causes property damage

Several rooms flooded in the 2200 corridor of the Medical
Science Unit I on Saturday. The flooding caused several thousand
dollars worth of damage to items in the rooms.

Student found vomiting in dorm, receives MIP

A student was found laying on the floor and vomiting at Couzens
Residence Hall early yesterday morning, according to DPS crime

An ambulance transported the student to the University
Hospital’s emergency room. A minor in possession citation was
given to the student.

Window broken at Michigan Union tower

DPS reported that a window was broken at the tower at the
Michigan Union on Friday afternoon. There are currently no

Person hit on face with beer bottle during fight

People were found fighting in the area near South University
Avenue and Forest Street early Saturday morning according to DPS
reports. DPS assisted the Ann Arbor Police Department in the case.
There were no arrests made. One victim was hit on the face with a
beer bottle.

Fourteen people issued MIPs at party in Baits

DPS crime reports show that late Thursday night, 14 people were
given minor in possession citations at a loud party at Vera Baits
II Residence Hall.

Man hits woman’s shoulder before fleeing scene

According to DPS reports, a man and woman got into an argument
at the University Hospital parking lot Wednesday morning. The two
were not related to each other. The man hit the woman twice on the
shoulder before kicking her car. The man then left the scene before
police officers arrived though he was identified. No arrests were

Two juveniles missing from corrections facility

Two juvenile criminals were missing as of Wednesday afternoon
from the Arbor Heights Center — a state-owned, low-security
correctional facility for juvenile offenders. The two could be
charged as escapees when found.


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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