Laptop stolen from Medical Science building

Department of Public Safety reports show that a laptop computer
was stolen from a University staff member sometime during the
weekend from a room in the Medical Science building. The Dell
Latitude laptop is valued at $1,800 and the room may have been
entered using a key.

Diag tree vandals caught by DPS

DPS officers questioned several students who were found painting
the Tappan Oak tree early Tuesday morning. The oak is located in
the Diag, near the west side of Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.
DPS reports estimate about $125 in damage to the oak, which was
given a memorial plaque in 1858 in honor of former University
President Henry Tappan.

The Ann Arbor News reported that five students were questioned
by DPS, and the base of the tree was painted black.

‘U’ staff member found with pot

A staff member was found by DPS in possession of marijuana in
the University’s salt storage building. The incident was
reported Sunday, and DPS was aware of the incident through
investigations. In addition to the marijuana charges, the suspect
was also arrested on other charges, which DPS cannot release at the

Suspects give impromptu golf course lawn job

A caller reported to DPS Tuesday that on Jan. 5, a suspect drove
on the University Golf Course. Reports indicate that the vehicle
caused damage to the course, but DPS did not release any other

Pajama thief eludes DPS at University Hospital

DPS reports show that a pair of pajama bottoms and an
undisclosed amount of money were reported stolen from the
University Hospital Tuesday. The items were reportedly taken while
the victim was in another room for testing. There are no other
suspects in the case.

Graffiti found in S. Quad lobby

DPS officers discovered graffiti early Monday morning in the
eighth floor elevator lobby in South Quad Residence Hall. There are
no suspects in the case, and the graffiti was not of a racist
nature. DPS also reported that it can be removed.

Stolen credit card used at stores

A University staff member’s wallet was reported stolen to
DPS Monday afternoon from the Alfred Taubman Medical Library. A
credit card was inside of the wallet, and was reportedly used at
several local stores after the theft occurred. DPS has no suspects
in the case.

Sleeping person found in stairwell

A caller reported to DPS Sunday afternoon that a person was
found sleeping in a stairwell in the School of Social Work near
room 2850, with a leather jacket over his head. The suspect was
later discovered to be a student who was attending a class in the

Patient assaults University Hospital staff member

University Hospital security reported Tuesday that a patient
assaulted a hospital staff member. DPS does not have other
information about the case at this time.

Markley stairwell window shattered

DPS officers reported early yesterday morning that a window in
the third floor stairwell of Butler House in Mary Markley Residence
Hall was broken. There are no suspects in the case, and the value
of the window is estimated at $150.

Suspect taken into custody at Mott hospital

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital security reported Sunday
evening that a suspect possibly violated a personal protection
order on the sixth floor of the hospital. DPS took the suspect, a
visitor to the hospital, into custody for obstructing justice.


— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley

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