Flying trash can lid smacks woman in back of head

According to DPS crime logs, heavy winds caused a trash can lid
to hit a woman in the back of her head late Friday morning outside
Wolverine Towers. The woman declined any medical attention and
maintenance staff was notified about the incident.

Man with burglary tools arrested on two warrants

A caller reported to the Department of Public Safety on Saturday
afternoon that a suspicious man was seen outside the Medical
Science Research Building. The man possessed burglary tools,
including a cart and a black duffle bag. DPS found and arrested the
man on two outstanding warrants — one for failing to pay
child support and the other for failing to appear before the court
on a home-invasion charge. The case is under investigation and the
man is in jail.

Criminal sexual conduct reported at East Quad

An incident involving criminal sexual conduct was reported at
East Quad Residence Hall late Wednesday morning. The incident
consisted of unlawful touching. DPS is currently investigating the

Suspect prosecuted for stealing items from sealed

DPS reports show that a caller’s cell phone, wallet, key
and clothing were stolen from a locked locker in the Central Campus
Recreational Building late Saturday night. The suspect is being
prosecuted for the theft by another police department because the
stolen property was used outside DPS’s jurisdiction.

‘U’ Hospital employee reports harassment

A University Hospital employee reported being harassed by a
colleague while in the hospital on Saturday afternoon. DPS is
investigating the case and would not provide further

Parking attendant hits car while speeding in lot

DPS reports show that a parking attendant was driving fast in a
parking lot on 900 Baits Dr. when he hit another car that was
backing out of a parking space late Friday morning. The parking
attendant was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Ten gallons of paint stolen from loading dock

DPS reports show that 10 gallons of paint were stolen from the
School of Information’s loading dock Tuesday night. The
stolen paint is valued at $250 and there are no suspects.

Theft of key reported at South Quad res hall

A key was reported stolen from South Quad Residence Hall early
Saturday afternoon after the key had been checked out by someone
who failed to return it. DPS has no suspects.

Trespassers warned not to return to UGLi

DPS crime logs show that a 37-year-old male and a 46-year-old
male were found trespassing at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library
late Wednesday morning. DPS read the men a trespass notice and
warned them not to return.

Ladder goes missing in West Quad hall

DPS crime logs show that a ladder was stolen from a maintenance
closet in West Quad Residence Hall Saturday night. DPS does not
have any suspects.

Cash and credit cards stolen; cards used at Meijer

According to DPS reports, $40 and two credit cards were stolen
from a purse Wednesday night. The credit cards had been used at the
Meijer store in Ann Arbor and an attempt was made to use the cards
at the Meijer in Ypsilanti. There are no suspects and the case is
under investigation.

—Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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