Two more LCD projectors stolen from ‘U’

Department of Public Safety reports indicate two liquid crystal
display projectors were stolen from different University buildings
recently. One projector was reported stolen from the Dennison
Building on Feb. 19. A second projector was reported stolen Friday
from the Taubman Medical Library and is valued at $6,500.

DPS is offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can provide
information leading to the recovery of the projectors, or arrest of
the thieves.

Racist graffiti found outside of C.C. Little building

DPS reports from Wednesday, February 18 show that a swastika was
painted on the sidewalk near the C.C. Little Science building.
After the report was filed, a maintenance crew removed the
graffiti. There are no suspects in the incident.

Crouching man discovered in Art School office

A caller reported to DPS last Monday that upon entering the
dean’s office in the Art and Architecture building, she
encountered a man crouching in the dark. The suspect, who was not
affiliated with the University, said he was looking for a copy
machine. The subject was escorted from the building by DPS. No
damage was done to the office or any items.

Flying snowballs damage Bursley window screen

A Bursley Residence Hall resident reported Feb. 19 that her
window screen was damaged after suspects threw snowballs through
her window. The snowballs damaged various items in her room, but no
description or value is known. DPS currently has no suspects.

Car ignites en route to ‘U’ Hospital

DPS reported that a hospital visitor noticed the inside of her
car heating up and dashboard lights flashing. She then pulled into
loading dock five where her car ignited. The 1996 vehicle was
damaged in the incident, but no one was injured.

Group leaves flaming paper on flier kiosk

An anonymous caller told DPS that five to seven males, ages 17
to 20, lit a piece of paper on fire on a kiosk near the Student
Activities building Friday. After arriving on the scene, DPS
officers talked to witnesses who gave a similar description of the
suspects. Only the paper was damaged in the incident.

Drunken student attempts to steal street sign

DPS officers stopped a student who was walking away with a
street sign on East Ann Street Feb. 19. After being stopped, the
student was issued a citation for a minor in possession of

ESPN truck damaged before basketball game

Before the basketball game between Michigan and Michigan State
University Tuesday, a caller reported to DPS that an ESPN truck was
damaged in an accident in the Crisler Arena parking lot. Reports
show that the accident occurred off the road, and that the damage
was minor.

Intoxicated student passes out near Dennison

A caller reported Feb. 21 that a female student was passed out
or disoriented outside the Dennison Building. The victim was issued
a citation for minor in possession of alcohol and transported to
the University Hospital.

Unknown person steals key, puts items in freezer

A staff member from the Medical Science Research building
reported to DPS Feb. 22 that his freezer key was stolen. Later,
when he looked in the freezer, it appeared that the thief put items
into the freezer. DPS has no suspects in the incident.


—Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley Dinges

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