Moped lost in Ann Arbor, discovered in Jackson County

On Tuesday night, a caller reported to the Department of Public
Safety that his moped was stolen. The vehicle had been parked in
the Catherine Street parking lot since December, and the caller
discovered it missing on Tuesday. The moped was later recovered in
Jackson County.

Sibling rivalry turns to assault at University

A fight broke out between two sisters at the University
Hospital’s emergency room Tuesday night. While the two were
visiting their mother at the hospital, one sister assaulted the
other. DPS later arrested the woman for assault.

Referee’s pants taken; no suspects

According to the DPS crime log, on Tuesday, an intramural
referee reported the theft of a pair of pants along with two
wallets and a pair of keys at Yost Ice Arena. There are currently
no suspects and DPS estimates the value of the stolen property is
less than $100.

Person receives telephone call harassment

DPS reports show that on Monday night, a subject reported
receiving telephone calls of a harassing nature at Mosher-Jordan
Residence Hall. DPS has no further information because the
investigation is pending.

Cleaning solution ends up in eyes; victims taken to

Callers reported to DPS on Sunday afternoon that a kitchen staff
member at the Law Quad splashed cleaning solution in several
people’s eyes. The victims were later transported to the
University Hospital’s emergency room.

Police called after security unit smells marijuana

A housing security unit at Mosher Jordan Residence Hall
requested a police officer after smelling marijuana smoke coming
from a room in the residence hall early Tuesday morning. DPS has no
further information.

Person reports paint ball incident, area later

A DPS unit met with an individual who was reporting a paint ball
gun incident at Couzens Residence Hall late Sunday night. The area
was later cleaned and no police reports were filed.

CD player stolen from women’s lockerroom

DPS reports show that a CD player was stolen from the
women’s lockerroom in the North Campus Recreation Building on
Sunday morning. DPS estimates the value of the CD player is $75.
There are currently no suspects.

Board falls on vehicle near Hatcher Library

A caller reported to DPS on Tuesday morning that a wooden board
lying next to a dumpster caused damage to a University vehicle. The
damage occurred after the board fell on the vehicle in the dock
area next to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. DPS has no estimate
of the value of the damaged property.

Man with revoked license arrested for running stop

DPS arrested a man early yesterday morning after he failed to
stop at a stop sign on South University Avenue. The man was
arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and for driving
with a suspended license.

Trespasser arrested on two police warrants

A man was arrested late Monday night on an Ann Arbor Police
Department warrant and on a DPS warrant. Both warrants were for
trespassing and the man was later handed over to the AAPD.

—Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt.

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