Basketball game results in man getting punched

According to the Department of Public Safety crime logs, a man
reported that another individual punched him in the mouth while the
two were playing basketball at the Central Campus Recreation
Building late Wednesday night. The assault is currently being

Health center robbed of Nikon camera and lens

On Friday morning, a Nikon camera and lens were stolen from an
office in the Taubman Health Care Center. DPS is following leads in
an ongoing investigation. There are no suspects and the value of
the stolen property is undetermined.

Man resists arrest, jailed on home invasion warrants

DPS reports show that a man was taken into custody for a minor
in possession of alcohol citation on Oxford Street early Thursday
morning. Additional officers reported to the scene after the man
resisted arrest on prior warrants for home invasion. He was later
incarcerated in the Washtenaw County Jail.

Broken water pump sets off South Quad fire alarm

A water pump malfunction caused the fire alarm to go off in
South Quad Residence Hall late Friday morning. A resident advisor
reported to DPS that there was no real fire. According to DPS, the
pump malfunction is an uncommon occurrence.

DPS tells vendors on Diag to leave

DPS reports show that late Friday morning, people were found
selling goods on the Diag. Officers arrived at the scene and
dispersed the solicitors.

Exit sign stolen from West Quad, suspect at large

During a regular general inspection, an electrician noticed an
exit sign was stolen from West Quad Residence Hall early Friday
afternoon. The electrician reported the incident to DPS. There are
no suspects at this time.

University laptop hoisted from Taubman office

A University laptop valued at $2,422.80 was stolen from an
office in the Taubman Health Care Center early Thursday afternoon.
DPS is investigating the robbery and has no suspects.

Burglar helps self to cash, debit card

A burglary was reported to DPS on Saturday afternoon when a
resident of Alice Lloyd Residence Hall discovered cash and a debit
card had been taken from their room. The debit card was later used
by the thief. DPS is investigating the theft and is not ready to
announce any suspects.

West Quad hall’s bathroom mirrors damaged

Bathroom mirrors were damaged in West Quad Residence
Hall’s second-floor Adams House hallway yesterday morning.
DPS has no suspects and the value of the damaged property is

Drunken man found outside UGLi

A bus driver informed DPS about a man incapacitated due to
alcohol consumption near the Shapiro Undergraduate Library Saturday
morning. An ambulance transported the man to the University
Hospital’s emergency room.

Suspect responds to e-mail ad with obscene reply

A caller reported to DPS on Thursday that she received an
obscene reply to an e-mail she sent out advertising The Vagina
Monologues, which she was producing. DPS has a suspect and is still
investigating the offense.

Bookbag lifted from IM Building

DPS crime logs report that a book-bag was stolen from the
Intramural Sports Building, along with several textbooks and a cell
phone, Saturday afternoon. There are currently no suspects.

—Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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