Student arrested for stalking

Department of Public Safety reports show on Tuesday morning a
student was arrested for aggravated stalking. The case is currently
pending further investigation.

Two arrested for possessing marijuana in car

The Department of Public Safety arrested two people affiliated
with the University Monday night after investigating a suspicious
vehicle and discovering marijuana. At the time of the arrest, the
vehicle was located in the Hubbard Road parking lot. The two were
not issued a citation, but the case is pending further
investigation and will possibly be taken to the prosecutor’s

Flood causes thousands of dollars in damage

Chelsea Family Practice, a medical facility located on Main
Street, received more than $40,000 in damage after water flooded
the building due to a broken sprinkler head. The incident was
reported to DPS Monday afternoon.

Disposed match ignites blaze in Dentistry School

A small fire was started Tuesday in the School of Dentistry
after a student lit a match to light a Bunsen burner. Upon
discarding the match in a trash container, a small fire started.
Students were able to put out the fire in the laboratory before DPS
arrived. The fire caused no damage to the laboratory.

Researcher faints during laboratory experiment

A person affiliated with the University passed out while working
on an experiment in the Industrial Operations building Monday
morning. DPS was notified and Huron Valley Ambulance was called,
but the subject refused treatment. The injury was related to the
lab work being conducted, possibly from an accidental inhalation of

Suspect steals from hospital

DPS units responded to University Hospital staff reports that a
subject had stolen several items from the hospital. The items were
not of high value and there are no suspects in the case, but
investigation is ongoing.

Ambulance requested after seizure at Union

DPS reports indicate that an ambulance was requested for a
person who suffered a seizure while in the Michigan Union. The
Union manager made the request for an ambulance Sunday evening.

Student suffers eye injury due to detergent run-in

A resident of Vera Baits Residence Hall was escorted to the
University Hospital emergency room after getting detergent in their
eye. DPS was notified of the incident Sunday evening.

Thief snatches license plate from student’s car

A student reported to DPS that someone stole their license plate
late Sunday night. The plate was stolen from a vehicle parked near
Yost Ice Arena. DPS currently has no suspects in the case.

Money, cell phone, purse stolen at University

A subject not affiliated with the University reported to DPS
Monday that a purse was stolen, including $30 and a cellular phone,
from the University Hospital. The purse was left unattended in the
hospital, and there are no suspects in the situation.

Thief steals West Quad student’s MCard, folder

A student reported to DPS that her MCard was stolen from the
West Quad Residence Hall dining room at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. In
addition to the card, a folder was also stolen while she was
dining. The MCard was not used after the theft, and DPS has no
suspects in the case.

— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley

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