Assault reported in Church Street parking structure

Two visitors to campus were pushed around and verbally abused by three intoxicated males early Saturday morning on the third floor of the Church Street carport, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown said.

One of victims told DPS that he and his friend were returning to their car when the three men approached them and started swearing and calling them names. Neither victim was injured and DPS reported that the suspects left the area in a vehicle.

Person gets stuck in carport elevator

An individual became stuck in the elevator of the carport at 1600 East Medical Center Dr. on Thursday afternoon. DPS reported that there was possible damage to the elevator.

Vaughn House missing first aid kit, 6 muffins

DPS reports indicate that a first aid kit was stolen from the ground-floor kitchen of the Victor C. Vaughn House on Thursday afternoon. Six muffins have also been stolen from the kitchen over the course of six weeks, according to the report.

Person injured while lifting water

An employee at the Law Quad injured his back Friday morning while lifting a large water bottle, DPS reports said. The subject was provided with an escort to receive medical attention.

Alarms triggered in tunnel system

Alarms in the underground tunnel system near the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library were triggered early Saturday morning by individuals attempting to enter the tunnels, DPS reports state.

DPS officers were unable to catch the trespassers.

Disorderly fan arrested at Crisler

DPS reported that a disorderly fan verbally abused other spectators at Crisler Arena on Saturday afternoon. The woman refused to cooperate with DPS officers and was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct.

During the arrest, she assaulted one of the officers. The officer suffered no injuries.

Student reports sexual assault in another city

A University student reported being sexually assaulted in another city Saturday night. The student went to University Hospitals, where she reported the incident to DPS, who notified the agency with jurisdiction, according to DPS reports.

Intoxicated minor arrested by DPS

DPS reports indicate officers made contact with several intoxicated individuals at South Quad Residence Hall early Sunday morning.

One of the individuals was underage. DPS subsequently took him into custody.

Cash stolen from Kresge library circulation desk

The second-floor circulation desk of the Kresge Business Administration Library reported the theft of $390, DPS reports state.

The theft occurred sometime between 3 p.m. Jan. 24 and 9 a.m. Jan. 30. DPS reported having no suspects.

Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Kristen Beaumont.

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