You can”t stop rock “n roll. Mix one part ACDC, two parts Van Halen, a cup of Guns N” Roses and be sure to throw in a pinch of Bon Scott for good measure, and you”ll end up with enough Beautiful Creature to pack a punch. Since the over saturation of rump shaking rap and instrumentless boy groups, there hasn”t been a guitar based band this rad since faded jeans went out of style. It”s time to get the leather pants back out of the closet because the rock “n roll saviors have arrived.

Paul Wong
Lead singer JoLead singer Joe LeSte gets freaky with his microphone.e LeSte gets freaky with his microphone.<br><br>JOHN PRATT/Daily

Fresh off of Ozzfest and now touring with the Rolling Rock Town Fair, the Beautiful Creatures have been across America and back, making this country safe for killer guitar solos. For all the recent ruckus in the music world this underground band has been causing, lead singer Joe LeSte said, “It was never our intention. We just wanted to be in a rock band and put something together. We weren”t out to capture some big record deal or do anything remotely like this. The whole concept was to put together a straight rock “n roll band.”

And straight rock they have, winning utmost respect from every band they have opened for, from Papa Roach to KISS. From the initial seconds of “Ride” all they way through “The Black List,” the Beautiful Creatures had the audience at the Majestic nodding their heads like the days of old.

Outfitted in true rock star presentation a mix of fantastic hair, a cowboy hat, bare chests, tattoos and fitted black pants the sweet moments of rock energized the audience as LeSte reminded everyone “Detroit is still Rock City.” Best of all, there weren”t any stage distractions to excite the crowd the music stood alone.

“The whole point is about what the music really means, that it”s not about yourself, your ego, being a rock star or how many albums you sell, it”s all about playing good music and making people feel like they are a part of us. There is no separation,” said LeSte.

These boys talk the talk and walk the walk giving their all for the sake of keeping it real. Supporting an album with no filler, a lead singer who dishes it straight from the heart southern style, a lead guitarist who can play more than three cords and arsenal of bad ass back up, the Beautiful Creatures are turning heads and taking it to the top.

“People always look at us and while you got guys painting their faces and talking about how terrible life is people look at us and go: What”s your gimmick? I”m like our gimmick is rock “n roll. That”s our gimmick, straight up and straight out. Rock “n roll.”

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