Students walking down Oxford Road Wednesday afternoon may have seen a large, dark-colored RV, but probably didn’t guess that it housed a group of investors who traveled from Ohio to hear proposals from student startup businesses.

Creators Co-Op, a student-run organization that strives to create a workspace for entrepreneurs to brainstorm and meet like-minded associates, hosted Drive Capital at their house on Wednesday.

Drive Capital, which is in its first year, is a Midwestern-based company that invests in innovative technology businesses looking to grow its company. The company has invested six companies so far, including Roadtrippers, Channel IQ and FarmLogs.

Drive Capital traveled to the University in their RV to hear proposals from students looking to have their startup companies invested. They used their RV as an office for hearing proposals and providing feedback to students.

Robert Hatta, a talent partner at Drive Capital, said he was drawn to University because big technology companies like Facebook have often grown out of college experiments.

“These are the kind of students we want working at our companies,” Hatta said. “These are the kind of students who come up with the things we want to invest in.”

Hatta also gave advice to students who are looking to start up their own businesses.

“Don’t hold yourself back,” Hatta said. “Try and take advantage of mentors on campus as well as your peers.”

FarmLogs, a company that builds data platforms and software for agriculture, was also present at the event. FarmLogs CEO Jesse Vollmar set up a table and spoke to students interested in the company. He said at least five students from the University would be interning at FarmLogs next year.

“What I look for in students are people who are further and beyond in their classes and taught themselves how to hack on the web,” Vollmar said.

Hatta said he was satisfied with the outcome of the event and the quality of ideas that were proposed to him.

“I’ve already heard some really good ideas. And not just ideas, but products built by students,” Hatta said. “That’s something we really get excited about.”

Business junior Alex Lee, next year’s general manager for Creators Co-Op, said he was pleased with the outcome of the event and Creators Co-Op’s first year as a student organization. He said he hopes to make Creators Co-Op a sustainable organization in the future.

“The main thing moving into future years is upping the quality and upping the game of what we are doing. We want to continue doing that and create the best possible program for the students,” Lee said.

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