The handwritten note that Tommy and Cherry Settle discovered in their basement a year ago could be the answer to one of the country”s best kept culinary secrets Colonel Harland Sanders” recipe for fried chicken.

The couple bought their Shelbyville home, a white mansion on U.S. 60 West, from Sanders and his wife, Claudia, in the early 1970s. About a year ago, the two were digging through a box of books from the basement and found a 1964 leather-bound datebook, Cherry Settle told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Among appointments and other notes was a recipe for fried chicken that called for 11 herbs and spices, she said.

It”s the same number that makes up the recipe for one of the temples of fast-food culture KFC”s “Original Recipe” fried chicken. The exact blend is a secret as well kept as the formula for Coca-Cola.

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