At its most impressive, “Cougar Town” effortlessly blends sharp one-liners, precarious set pieces and sheer pathos into well-executed stories. These aren’t always the most hilarious episodes of “Cougar Town,” but they’re why the show rises above most sitcoms emotionally. “A One Story Town” is “Cougar Town” at its most powerful.

Cougar Town

Season 3
“A One Story Town”

Dashing loner Bobby Cox suddenly turns into an awkward bumpkin when he realizes he likes his son’s photography teacher, Angie, and Jules is determined to help him get over it. What seems like a fairly stock sitcom pilot works because of the emotional depth behind all its main characters.

The episode also pumps out the laughs, like when Jules and Ellie “Tom Cruise run” in place.
The latest of the show’s often elaborate title card gags, “No, it’s not just Scrubs in Florida with lots of wine,” is undercut by the end credits as a parade of Scrubs alumni joins the show’s regulars to freak out crossover guest star Ted Buckland.

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