A story in Thursday’s edition of the Daily (Author: Schools remain segregated) incorrectly reported that Ecology graduate student Jahi Chappell attended the John Kozol speech in support of affirmative action. The story should have said that Chappell attended the event out of interest for the speaker. The story also incorrectly reported Chappell as saying that he supported affirmative action because it was necessary to correct historical injustices.


A photograph of Al Sharpton on the front page of Friday’s edition of the Daily was incorrectly credited to Mike Hulsebus. The photo should have been credited to Aaron Swick.


A story in last week’s edition of The Statement (Fair Play) incorrectly stated that the 1977-78 women’s varsity basketball team was the first women’s varsity team. The story also incorrectly stated that President Gerald Ford signed the bill putting Title IX into effect. The story should have said President Richard Nixon signed the bill in 1972 and President Ford signed the part that dictated the specific stipulations of Title IX compliance for athletic departments in 1975. The story also incorrectly listed the original women’s varsity sports at Michigan. They were field hockey, synchronized swimming, swimming and diving, tennis, track and basketball. Cheerleading was not a varsity sport. The mistakes were due to an editing error.


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