“Corky Romano” has a running time of about 86 minutes it feels about 80 minutes too long. It is a comedy with an average storyline, but it is one that still exceeds any of the comical attempts at which the movie continually strives. The jokes are all dumb, and they consist only of humor a 5-year-old would find funny (although that”s probably underestimating that child”s intelligence level). Occasionally a joke would be funny, but then it would be strung out for about five to ten minutes. The truth is there isn”t much that is still funny after ten minutes.

Paul Wong
No use crying over this film. Chris Kattan stars as “”Corky Romano.””<br><br>Courtesy of Touchstone

As mentioned previously, the story behind “Corky Romano” is actually not half bad. It is about an absent-minded veterinarian, played by Chris Kattan, who happens to be the son of a major Mafia player. His father, who is on trial, needs someone to go undercover at the FBI and recover some evidence. The only member of the family the FBI wouldn”t recognize is, of course, Corky.

Corky is a good guy. He loves his family even though they treat him like dirt. He lives to make them happy. He agrees to go undercover, but once inside the FBI, he can”t seem to get the evidence and get out. He winds up in one crazy scenario after another and ends up coming out on top, as always happens in these types of films.

Chris Kattan is actually quite good in this movie. He doesn”t exactly have the best track record with movies, nor do any of his SNL co-stars. Kattan definitely has some funny moments, even if the movie itself does not. Kattan did the best he could given a pretty bad script with not one ounce of funniness in it.

There is one, and only one, funny scene in the entire movie that is “Corky Romano.” This scene consists of Corky accidentally inhaling cocaine (never mind why) and then lecturing a bunch of young kids on the life of an FBI agent. Continually thinking the kids have their hands raised for a question he just starts rambling at the speed of light yet he can”t even complete an entire sentence. The kids are just sitting in awe of this strange man. Why this scene works and the others fail I couldn”t tell you, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that it was fairly short and therefore never got old.

Probably the biggest flaw in “Corky Romano” is that it tried to go with too many angles. Obviously the movie was going for the comedy aspect and failed miserably. On top of the comedy, they tried to put this little mystery into it, which was only slightly intriguing. At the end, they tried to pull this “7th Heaven” sort of finale that was completely sappy and stupid. Adding drama to an SNL-like comedy is never a good idea. Never. On top of all of that, they ended with two completely ridiculous and dreadful plot twists (if you can even call them that) that just made “Corky Romano” seem even more juvenile than it had been previously. However, it somehow seems appropriate to have an even worse ending to an already horrible film. At least the movie was consistent.

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