No, no tornadoes of fire this weekend.

Paul Wong
David Copperfield gets his magic on this weekend.<br><br>Courtesy of D.C.D.I.

According to the hype surrounding David Copperfield”s latest television special, the acknowledged master magician will be walking into the center of a 2000 degree, 180 mile per hour tornado. And surviving, unscathed.

But this weekend in Detroit, he”s planning on defying the laws of nature in other ways.

“Unknown Dimension” is the latest incarnation of Copperfield”s touring production. And according to all reports, this show will be full of surprises.

The super-trick, the mega-mind buster that Copperfield plans on closing his show with each evening seems like it could only be performed with the aid of camera trickery. But the conjuror claim”s that that just ain”t so. Not even when he does it on TV.

The premise is this: Copperfield selects a member of the audience to not only vanish from the stage, but to reappear in a far off destination. Lately, he”s been sending lucky participants to the island of Bali.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn”t it?

But wait, there”s proof.

Copperfield, via satellite, broadcasts the arrival of the spectator in the faraway locale. And taken along for the ride are items gathered from the theater crowd, including articles of clothing, polariod photographs and signed testimonials.

For those that still think Copperfield is full of it, the rest of the show offers plenty of jaw-droppers worth the price of admission.

In one illusion, the magician bisects himself with the aid of an oversized laser. Not a frickin” laser, but an oversized one. No boxes, no saws, and no women. This is definitely not your daddy”s “sawing a woman in halves.”

He then proceeds to hop around the stage. Well, actually, his legs hop around the stage. His body holds on to them for dear life.

Other moments in the production include interactive segments which involve the entire crowd. So don”t feel left out if you don”t make it to Bali compliments of Copperfield.

According to a recent report in Forbes, David Copperfield is the world”s sixth-highest paid entertainer. His annual revenue tops $60 million. And that ain”t no magic.

Ticket prices for this weekend”s performances at Detroit”s lavish Fox Theater get as pricey as $45 a pop, if you want a main floor seat. And with seven shows scheduled for three days, it”s easy to see where the magic man”s big bankroll comes from.

He”s rumored to perform over 500 shows each year and doesn”t limit his reach to the States. The world is that in Germany, he and David Hasselhof are on equal par in the pantheon of superstars.

Yes, the ticket prices may be on the steep side and the comparisons to Hasselhof may be very close to hitting the bulls-eye. And you might not believe the whole Bali thing. You might even want to stay home and watch it all on TV next month.

But you”d be doing yourself a disservice. Do yourself a favor. Have your mind blown, live and in person.

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