After a temporary suspension, advertisements – which some students say are offensive – are running again in The Michigan Daily.

Yesterday, an advertisement compared the effect of a Palestinian suicide attack on Israeli victims with the effect on the attacker’s family – monetary rewards and “celebrity status.” At the bottom of the ad was’s slogan: “There are two sides to every story, but only one truth.”

After they attracted controversy, the ads were suspended until the Daily’s business staff could decide whether to print them. They voted last week to stop running several of the ads and to approve them on a case-by-case basis.

Daily Business Manager Jeffrey Valuck said there was enough reason after reviewing complaints to run only selected ads. “We looked at the content of each individual ad, and voted on each ad on whether to run the ads or not,” Valuck said. “That’s our policy with all other controversial ads.”

But LSA senior Bashar Al-Madani says all advertisements are offensive. “Just because yesterday’s ad had no pictures, the text is still offensive,” Al-Madani said. “I was under the impression these ads were finally going away. It’s just sad to see these ads on our own campus.”


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