At the University’s Board of Regents monthly meeting this Thursday, proposals for three different construction projects totaling nearly $70 million will be up for discussion.

The proposed $69.5 million will be used for the renovation of Couzens Hall, additions to the Engineering Programs Building and the Thompson Street Parking Structure.

Renovations to Couzens Hall will include new heating, plumbing, ventilation and fire detection systems, according to a request sent to the Board of Regents by E. Royster Harper, the vice president for student affairs, and Tim Slottow, the University’s executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Bathroom renovations, air-conditioning, wireless Internet access throughout the building and a revamping of the the dormitory’s unused dining hall are also up for consideration.

The proposed renovations to the residence hall, located near Palmer Field, will cost an estimated $49 million.

According to Peter Logan, spokesman for University Housing, Couzens Hall, which was constructed in 1925, last underwent a major renovation project in 1954 — when a six-story wing was added to the east side of the main building.

Funding for the Couzens Hall project “will be provided from Housing resources and investment proceeds,” according to the request to the regents.

The regents will also review a proposal for the design of the Engineering Programs Building addition, which was approved in December 2008.

The addition to the North Campus building will create more space for projects like the Solar Car, Formula SAE and Concrete Canoe teams.

The project would include improvements in “architectural, mechanical and electrical work” that would revamp the spaces and technological resources available for these projects, according to the request to the Board of Regents by Slottow.

If the action request is approved by the Board of Regents, the project would involve a 10,000-square-foot addition to the east side of the building and would cost about $4.8 million which would be funded by the College of Engineering. The project would be completed in the fall of 2010.

At Thursday’s meeting, the Board of Regents will also review a revised design for a $15.7 million addition to the Thompson Street Parking Structure.

The addition, which was approved by the Board of Regents in April 2008, needed to be redesigned in order to receive construction bids that would fit the approved budget.

According to an action request submitted to the Board of Regents by Slottow, the project would include both a 365-space parking structure addition to the west end of the parking structure and a 9,000-square-foot addition for office spaces for the departments of Parking and Transportation Services and the Office of Budget and Planning.

The construction for the project would be completed in the fall of 2010, according to the proposal.

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