Neil Young may be the pinnacle of Canadian rock music, but he’s not the classic-rock comparison The Constantines are used to getting. Instead, critics and fans associate the distinctly American growl of Bruce Springsteen with the young band, with lead singer Bryan Webb’s thunderous howl the likely target. “Initially it was very flattering … It’s been repeated so many times that I have to start rethinking the way I sing,” said Webb, chuckling.

The Constantines, however, have more in common with the Boss than just Webb’s cigarette scratched voice. The band seems to have stolen a few drops from Springsteen’s youthful, rock-as-immortality vial, or perhaps from The Clash’s “Only Band that Matters” potion.

The Toronto five-piece, which blends throaty pop hooks with the thrusting guitars of ’80s punks H

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