For the second year in a row, the Michigan women”s rowing team defeated North Carolina and Virginia in Charlottesville, Va.

After winning five out of the eight events last season, the Wolverines somehow found a way to outdo themselves last weekend. No. 5 Michigan won three of four events against No. 4 Virginia in the morning and dominated the two events against North Carolina in the afternoon.

The women”s first and second varsity eight both had big victories over the Tar Heels with times of 6:27.9 and 6:43.6, respectively.

“We had them right from the start,” senior captain Melanie Duncan said.

Although Michigan had two boats of four rowers each for competition, it was forced to form one boat of eight against Carolina. The Michigan second varsity boat and the combined boat both beat North Carolina”s second boat handily. In fact, Michigan”s combined four boats tied North Carolina”s first varsity time of 6:51.5.

Their races with Virginia were closer, but the Wolverines were still able to prevail by significant margins in their three victories.

The first varsity eight had a time of 6:32.6, almost eight seconds better than Virginia”s boat.

While the beginning of the women”s second varsity eight was close, the Wolverines pulled away and finished with a time of 6:41.38, five seconds ahead of Virginia.

“It had a lot to do with conditioning,” Duncan said about the team”s victory.

The women”s first varsity four beat Virginia for the first time, which Rothstein called “a big plus.”

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