It all started with a strange character – who only identified himself as Dre – talking with a girl in the Halfass concert venue in East Quadrangle Residence Hall Friday night.

“He started talking about his parents, how he loved to learn, and kept hitting on me until he urinated by a window,” said Kathryn Chalmers, East Quadrangle Music Co-op president. “He kept joking that he was going to get up on stage.”

Dre mounted the stage and rapped with the band Canada until Chalmers and other members of the music co-op asked him to leave the stage.

“I told him he would be kicked out if anything happened again,” Chalmers said. “I would have kicked him out if I knew how drunk he was.”

After a stint of good behavior, the man informed Chalmers that somone had urinated on the floor of the bathroom. The man told Chalmers that the man who urinated said he was going to steal the co-op’s cash box, plundering the money earmarked for the bands at the sold-out show.

Chalmers knew something was fishy when the man told her the urinator was someone she knew. She followed her suspicions and emptied the cash locker of 90 percent of the bills and locked the money in an office.

After an uneasy 15 minutes of standing near the change box, the visibly intoxicated man made a dash for the remaining cash.

“He grabbed a fistful of bills,” said Edward Decker, RC senior and cashier for the event. The man also took the cash box.

Decker and fellow cashier Andy Linn, an RC senior, immediately pushed the offender against a wall and exchanged strong words.

Decker wrestled the cash box from the thief. Flailing, the thief managed to remove himself from the grip of Decker and Linn and ran toward the exit.

Seeing the bandit stuff his hand into his back pocket, an LSA junior who wished not to be named for fear of retribution rushed over and grabbed the thief by the arm. The man wrestled his arm free. But the junior again caught him, this time by the shirt.

“As I was trying to get the money, he kind of sucker-punched me just above the left eye,” the junior said.

Punching himself free of the junior, the man made his way outside.

LSA senior Dave Armitage said three or four police cars then surrounded the fleeing thief.

Visibly agitated, the suspect started yelling and swearing at the police.

“I don’t want to fight,” he said when police pushed him against a car and handcuffed him.

He didn’t stop fighting.

“He started going nuts in the back of the car and banging around,” Armitage said.

Officers transported the suspect to the Washtenaw County Jail. All of the money was eventually returned.

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