Correction: Nicki Minaj’s name was originally misspelled Nikki Minaj.

Kanye West (feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Justin Vernon and Nicki Minaj

G.O.O.D/Island Def Jam

For a guy who’s known for his bizarre and volatile behavior, Kanye West’s music has been anything but erratic over the years. Hear an East-Coast soul beat with some sped-up samples and a meaty hook, you immediately think Kanye. With new singles “Power” and now “Monster,” it seems that Yeezy’s unpredictably has finally carried over into his music. With its martian beat and “Thriller” aesthetics, “Monster” marks a new sound for Kanye, like he finally got the number to George Clinton’s weed guy, and he’s buying. The guests just amp up the weirdness factor, with Nicki Minaj alternating between boombaklat shouts and her best Barbie impression. Justin Vernon’s vocals sound more lawnmower than man, and Jay-Z, though delivering a sub-par verse, sounds possessed. The track’s compellingly odd and oddly compelling, just like the man himself.

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