While most University students enjoy the luxury of simply rolling out of bed 10 minutes before class begins, there are many among us whose morning routine involves a little more effort and a lot more time.

Paul Wong
Two students lounge on the grass surrounding the State Street commuter parking lot. Many students who commute from outside Ann Arbor cite cheaper rent and cost of living as reasons for enduring extra travel time.<br><br>JOHN PRATT/Daily

One example is LSA junior Damian Manire, whose daily commute consists of the hour-plus drive from Grosse Pointe Farms to Central Campus.

“For my 9 a.m. class, I have to get up at a quarter to seven and be out the door by 7:30,” Manire said. A former resident of East Quad, Manire, who said he prefers the quiet life, is still searching for off-campus housing. “It takes a while to find off-campus housing, and when you do, it”s generally over-priced and falling apart.”

Another reason students commute from their homes is to stay close to their families.

“Your roommate is your family, and if you love your family, then I”d definitely call that a plus,” Manire said.

LSA senior Fatina Abdrabboh, a Dearborn resident who makes the 35-minute commute to Ann Arbor every Tuesday and Thursday, agreed.

“Being a student on campus is stressful enough. It”s nice to go to your car, get away and come home and when you”re home the discussion is not constantly (focused upon) the University. Then again, I often feel out of the loop.”

Other students choose to live off-campus for the sake of convenience. LSA sophomore Halim Naeem cites “saving money on rent” as one of the top reasons he commutes to his classes from his home in northwestern Ann Arbor.

But Abdrabboh, who has been commuting to campus since her freshman year, said she has probably “spent more money on gas, tickets, and parking in the last three years than what most people spend on rent.”

Both Abdrabboh and Manire park in the Maynard Street parking structure, and both agree that paying 90 cents an hour there really adds up.

Next month, commuters and others who park their cars in city-owned lots and structures will face an increase in prices.

Effective Oct. 1, hourly rates will increase by a nickel from 90 to 95 cents, said General Manager Jim Corbett, who works for Republic Parking in Ann Arbor, the company that handles the Maynard structure along with nine others. Monthly rent will also increase, from $100 to $105, Corbett said.

Despite the price increase, parking is still in high demand. Abdrabboh said she”s on the waitlist to obtain a parking permit for the Maynard structure. “One of my friends has been on it for over a year.” Abdrabboh added.

Though commuting students find issues like parking and waking up early irritating, Manire has cited “home-cooked meals and listening to NPR” as definite plusses of living at home. But he is still desperate for off-campus housing.

“If anybody that reads this has anything, call me!” he said, only half joking.

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