He may have a Friday night slot on Comedy Central, but he’s no Dave Attell. He loves getting laughs out of lewd jokes, but Dave Chappelle, he’s not. Comedy Central’s newest late-night stand-up and comedic go-to guy is New York’s Greg Giraldo.

Giraldo fell into comedy through a series of professional mishaps, most notably his less-than-burgeoning law career.

“I was a very bad lawyer,” Giraldo said. “I basically wanted a job where you can drink for free and sleep all day.”

Though this behavior was not conducive to the courtroom, Giraldo found ways to integrate his background (“My comedy is the sum of all my parts,” he said) into his first foray into entertainment through the criminally short-lived comedy “Common Law Show.”

“It’s in production in Singapore right now, if that’s any indication of its success,” Giraldo said.

Despite his rocky start, and due in part to his self-deprecating wit and ability to let criticism roll off him, Giraldo exploded onto the comedy scene. He’s suddenly landed a recurring rant role on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” frequent guest spots on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” joined the Comedy Central line-up with his own two-and-a-half-hour segment, “Comedy Central Presents-Greg Giraldo” and a key player in the “Dave Attell Insomniac Tour” trio with Attell and Dane Cook .

Though praised by many for his razor-sharp, often bawdy, quips, “Crack cocaine is the best way to prepare for nights when I don’t feel funny

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