Ah, fall. Countless autumn-colored leaves, college girls in boots toting PSLs and a shitload of classes that you will no doubt sleep your way through. While we are all busy studying (dartying?) away on our own private island that is Ann Arbor, it’s easy to bypass what’s going on around us. For those of you who have been too preoccupied in the UGLi (Basement of some frat? In bed with Netflix?) and missed out on the crucial happenings in the most elite club there is, La La Land has been carrying on. And it never disappoints.

This column will be an outlet for those of you who would rather debate the mental state of Amanda Bynes over the case studies of Freud (Team Mandy ‘til the end). For those obsessed with the enigma that is Kimye (hate all you want but if you’re on the cover of Vogue, you must be doing something right). For the few who can name all of Angelina and Brad’s kids. This is for the Hollywood-obsessed junkies who care about: George Clooney getting married, Bill Murray being weird, Mindy Kaling, James Franco shaving his head, Ryan Gosling naming his kid after a third-tier Disney character and Ben Affleck proving to millions of movie-goers that he’s still got it, and then some. This should be fun. This will be entertaining. Next up, I’ll be writing about man buns.

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