Survivor saved millions of Americans Sunday, as excitement over the second installment of the reality based series, prompted CBS to cut a significant portion of its postgame show. That meant less Greg Gumble and Phil Simms (thank God) and more backstabbing and beautiful people in the Australian sun.

Week one of Survivor II wasn”t the most exciting, but it was much better than the first show of the original, when Sonja got the boot. The immunity challenge was tons more thrilling than Giants quarterback Kerry Collins blowing it for the millionth time.

The only thing I can”t figure out is why the hell can”t they start a fire? Didn”t they try to learn before they went on the show? Unbelievably stupid.

Getting to know all the tribe members will take a few shows, so just sit back watch some people get booted, and prepare for the real nasty, intense moments when the tribes” numbers dwindle a bit.

The tribe has spoken: Poor Debb the 45-year old corrections officer was the first castaway booted from the Outback. Debb got caught in the tangled social mess of the Kucha tribe.

Not only did she fail to fit in with the “where am I going to masturbate” talk of the younger members but to make matters worse, Debb then lied to Alicia telling her that the vomiting Jeff wanted to be voted off. Wrong move. Jeff found out, and so did the whole tribe resulting in a 7-1 ouster of Debb.

“I worked hard,” Debb said in her final words. “It boiled down to this: One person in the group who”s a very free spirit (Kimmi), and speaks her mind about anything (masturbation), couldn”t respect the fact that I hold certain things very personal and private.”

May the backstabbing continue.

Tonight”s prediction: (record 1-0 last week) So Debb got the boot exactly as I said she would one week ago in this column. Am I awesome or what?

This week, the decision is a little bit tougher, as evidence dwindles to barely acceptable levels. The chance of fake, doctored photos to throw off fans could take effect soon, but probably not yet.

So what”s the magical prediction this week? Don”t read on if you don”t want to know the truth.

Well, after looking at photographs from a third episode water challenge, it appears that Kucha will come back after last week”s loss to win a raw-cow brain eating immunity challenge. That means Ogakor will have to go to tribal council where it will vote off Kel, the military musclehead, who appears to be an outcast of the group (like Debb was). Why Ogakor would want to get rid of one of its strongest members and not one of its weakest (Marilyn, Mitchell) beats me. But apparently some food stealing will play a big part in the vote.

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