“Coldplay: Live 2003” is a slickly packaged CD/DVD
set documenting the band’s triumphant gig at the Hordon
Pavillion in Sydney, Australia. It captures Coldplay just as they
were achieving massive success.

Mira Levitan
Boring is the new black. (Courtesy of Capitol)

As the band walks on stage to the roar of a sold-out crowd, the
energy is electrifying. The members of the band seem to be soaking
in their international fame, and this excitement comes through in
the songs.

The concert begins with the pounding rhythms of
“Politik.” Chris Martin’s voice soars in and out
of falsetto as he pulsates on stage. He is possessed by his music,
and the audience responds with great joy to his varied array of
leaps and fist punches. The DVD is a stellar compilation of the
band’s two albums along with the blazing new track
“Moses” and the B-side “One I Love.”

Perhaps the most surprising moment of the concert is the
performance of “See You Soon,” a forgotten track from
Coldplay’s first official release, The Blue Room EP.
As Martin stands on stage with his acoustic guitar, a single
spotlight shines upon him, and he delivers a stark performance.

Other highlights include “Shiver,” which blasts off
into the concert hall being led by the fast-paced guitar work of
Jonny Buckland, and “Yellow,” which stands as the
concert’s crowning achievement as it combines sing-along
appeal with inspired performances from each of the band members.
“The Scientist” emerges as a subtle moment of
contemplation amid the sonic tendencies of the show.

With the exception of an entertaining 40-minute tour diary that
complements the concert well, the DVD is lacking in extra features.
Nevertheless, the package offers a good glimpse at one of our
generation’s defining groups.

Movie: 4 1/2 stars.

Picture/Sound: 4 1/2 stars.

Features: 3 stars.

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