After rescheduling his Code of Student Conduct hearing from this past Friday to tomorrow, LSA senior Ryan Hughes is to meet with Office of Student Conflict Resolution officers to address the University”s allegations that he assaulted anti-gay protesters during the LGBT Kiss In Feb. 16.

Although neither the Department of Public Safety, nor the protesters, have filed charges in the matter, the University administration is charging Hughes who unsuccessfully ran for the Michigan Student Assembly presidency under the pseudonym Galaxor Nebulon with assault and vandalism.

Under federal law, the University cannot comment on individual discipline cases this casts a veil of secrecy over the Code of Student Conduct process. Hughes has allowed the Daily to follow his case through the Code process so students can gain a better understanding of how administrative discipline policies really work.

OSCR officials and other administrators claim that University discipline is only an educational process. Once the process is analyzed, it is evident that University justice is far from just. Not allowing advocates or legal counsel to defend the accused, the use of “hearsay” gossip and rumor, the lack of a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard are great injustices among other unfair Code practices.

All students should pay attention to Hughes” case. Regardless of whether he is guilty or not, this case will shed light on the University”s extremely unfair discipline policies.

In order to fight the Code, students must rally behind the Michigan Student Assembly”s Student Rights Commission and its supporters.

Turn out for a rally tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. outside the Fleming Administration Building to show your opposition to the Code”s unjust practices.

For more information

– Read the Daily”s complete editorial page series “Unmasking the Code” at

– E-mail Michael Simon and Robert Goodspeed, co-chairs of the Michigan Student Assembly”s Student Rights Commission at

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