Straight out of Berkeley! Pop rockers Beulah are coming out with their third album, attempting to out do their 1999 release When Your Heartstrings Break.

Paul Wong
Malkmus paves the way for The Jicks.<br><br>Courtesy of Matador Records

Maybe you have never heard of them: But hey, neither had I. After listening to The Coast is Never Clear, Beulah may gain a host of new fans.

With a mix of flutes, trumpets, horns, violins, the occasional guitar and various other instruments this band can put together some fantastic melodies that complement the soft soothing voice of lead singer Miles Kurosky.

For those people that enjoy flutes, trumpets, horns and the like, but can”t deal with the fast pace of most Ska bands this group is perfect for you. The songs are slow paced, but the lyrics of each are well thought out, creative and flow wonderfully with the background music.

The 12-track disc has one great song after another, though I am not so sure about the second track, “A Good Man is Easy to Kill,” in which Beulah makes an effort to create a song about a car crash into a peaceful, entertaining tune.

I can”t seem to put my finger on why, but for some reason that song really troubled me.

The Coast is Never Clear is not the type of album that is meant to get you dancing around and moshing, but if you are just hoping to relax after studying for midterms then this collection of harmonies is ideal.

Grade: B

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