Aug. 7, 2000

Paul Wong
Tom Goss addresses the media at the press conference announcing the end of his tenure as Michigan”s Athletic Director.<br><br>SAM HOLLENSHEAD/Daily

After serving as the interim-athletic director since the forced resignation of Tom Goss almost five months ago, Bill Martin was chosen by University President Lee Bollinger to continue on as head of the Athletic Department for the next five years.

The decision came after the majority of the head coaches of the 25 varsity sports on campus sent a petition to Bollinger, asking for Martin to retain the job.

“About two to two and a half weeks ago, the coaches got together and put a petition in followed by the staff saying “please stay”,” Martin said at the press conference announcing his appointment.

“That really personally stunned me. I was shocked by that. It made me pause and think about this. I paused and reflected, said if these folks really want me that bad, maybe I better take a hard look at this,” he said.

Martin was not among the three finalists presented by the search committee to Bollinger.

“We looked at hundreds of people. Bill Martin wasn”t a candidate,” Jackson said.

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