According to some, the NFL does it completely wrong, and according to others, the NCAA limits who participates in it. But either way, everyone’s got an opinion on it.

Overtime in football is a very heavily debated topic.

And college coaches were open to talking about it after a weekend of nationally televised overtime games – in both college and pro. Ohio State, after two overtime wins propelled it to a national title last year, continued its success in the extra frames with a 44-38 triple-overtime win over North Carolina State. Dallas, Carolina and St. Louis all won week-two overtime games in the NFL.

“We always played the ties off (coaching at I-AA Idaho from 1989-94), which I think is a good way to do it,” Michigan State coach John L. Smith said. “Is this the right format? I don’t know. It’s as good of a one that I’ve been acquainted with.”

As for the NFL?

“I think it’s worse,” Smith said.

The debate is sparked in the pros every time a team that loses a coin toss, loses a game. Many believe that the way that colleges do it is the best: Give each team an equal amount of chances from the 25-yard line until one team can come out on top.

“I really like the format,” Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. “There’s excitement to it. It’s a little like soccer, where they have that goal, kick-off.”

But there are disputes that without using the entire field, overtime isn’t really deciding the better team. Instead, it decides the better kicker from 42 yards out, when both defenses were able to make stops that would normally bring out the punting units.

MAC-daddies: Lloyd Carr called it the most underappreciated conference in the nation not too long ago.

Tressel talks about it as if he were describing the Pac-10.

But it has been the Mid-American Conference that has been making waves this season.

After Northern Illinois’ week-one win over preseason ACC favorite Maryland, it made some news. But while that garnered some attention, the MAC has really made a name for itself with its recent performances over the teams in the Big Ten.

And perennial power Marshall hasn’t been named at all.

Bowling Green – a perfect 3-0 going into this weekend’s contest with No. 5 Ohio State – got the media hype in the midwest going for the conference with a one-point win over one of the Big Ten’s best, Purdue.

“Northern Illinois got it started off with its win over Maryland,” Tressel said. “Obviously, Bowling Green’s win put a feather in the conference’s cap. Miami (Ohio) had a solid performance, too against Northwestern.”

The Redhawks won their game against the Wildcats this past weekend and actually had a closer game with Iowa than the 21-3 score would indicate.













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