Each week, the Daily’s esteemed scouting staff will review the tapes, talk to the coaches and players and discuss the team’s performance. After all of this, we offer up our comments and analysis on Michigan’s weekend action.

Ice Hockey

Ryan A. Sosin, Offensive Scout

Michigan created a ton of chances on 85 shots but the finish just wasn’t there. Almost every forward flashed some offense at some point during the weekend, but in the end, three goals isn’t enough. The solid pressure in overtime earns the Wolverines an extra check.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks

Gabe Edelson, Defensive Scout

The Wolverines held Michigan State to just three goals over the weekend. Unfortunately, those goals all came in the closing minutes on Friday and Saturday and cost Michigan two wins. The shot-blocking was solid, but the defense gave in during clutch-time.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks



Jake Rosenwasser, Special Teams Scout

The penalty kill was perfect over both games this weekend, but the power play only managed to score one goal. The power play needs to step up if Michigan wants to hold off Ohio State in the CCHA conference standings.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks

Ian Herbert, Goaltender Scout

Probably Montoya’s best performance as a whole. He gave up just three goals all weekend and kept the Wolverines on top (for most of the game) while Vicari dominated on the other end. But he and the rest of the Wolverines can’t be happy with two ties.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks


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