Ryan Sosin, Offensive Scout

Angela Cesere

Aside from the five-goal outburst in Saturday’s second period, Michigan’s offense was held at bay. The biggest difference between that period and the other five was the passing. The offense came to life for a few minutes at a time but struggled for the most part.

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Gabe Edelson, Defensive Scout

The Wolverines gave up seven Ohio State goals over the weekend, but Michigan showed tremendous improvement from Friday to Saturday. Players were blocking shots and staying in position during the second game, while the first contest was characterized by breakdowns.

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Jake Rosenwasser, Special Teams Scout

Not good. “Bad” was the word that Eric Nystrom used. In Friday’s 4-1 loss, all four of Ohio State’s goals were power play goals. Saturday’s penalty killing units did better. They limited the Buckeyes to just one power play goal.

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Ian Herbert, Goaltender Scout

First reaction is that seven goals are probably too many for a top-tier goalie to let up, and that’s true. But five of them were on the Ohio State power play. Montoya should be good enough to bail out the penalty kill, but Ohio State was getting a lot of good looks.

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